E.I.Abdul-Sathar, K.R.Renjini, E.S.Jeevanand and G.Rajesh
Collection of Recent Statistical Methods and Applications, 245-261.
Publication year: 2012

In this article, we present the Bayesian estimation of Lorenz curve and Gini-index in the presence of outliers and using record values for exponential distribution. Here we considered two important models for accommodating outliers viz the identified outliers model introduced by Veale (1975) and the exchangeable model by Kale (1976). Bayes estimators have been developed under squared error loss function as well as under LINEX loss functions. Based on a Monte Carlo simulation study, comparison are made between the proposed estimators

Key words: Lorenz curve, Gini-index, Exponential distribution, Exchangeable model, Outliers, Record values.